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Fit For A King by Evehly
by Evehly

Before I begin, I will state that I am a harsh critic, I very rarely give ratings higher than 3. You did an outstanding job and I may e...

Pinkie Pie Tablet Practice by SymbianL

To start off, let me state that I'm a notoriously nit picky critiquer, Don't take anything I say personally. Now onward to the critique...

Cephalalgia by Obsequiosity

Mkay so it's a known fact that I critique very harshly, so without further adieu let's begin. The first thing I want to touch on is how...

Derpy the Mailmare! by DarkFlame75

Mkay, so for starters, this was very well executed and in technique and st00ph I can only see 3 things to criticize (I'm a pretty harsh...


This is what I call a tack, it's purpose is to get a quick point across, they are non-complicated poses, and non-complicated backgrounds. +25 points for cell shading.
Ranajit by shakfar
Mylo by shakfar

Mature Content

D-bell by shakfar
Guardian of the night by shakfar
S.S. Stormchaser by shakfar

Base price is 1000 points but price will also vary by complexity. These are as expensive as they are because of the time invested in them.
Come join me for some good fun :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Christopher (topher for short) but I am known to Interneters as Shakfar. My biggest passions are ponies and computers, (sometimes I like to think that I can make art, that one is an iffy though.) I am easily identified as a brony in public, what with the pony decals on my car and pony patches on my schoolbag.
I am a engineering student at Texas Tech (Guns up everypony) and if i'm not working or in class you can find me either playing video games, building computers, or screwing around in photoshop.

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